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Introducing the Jammer Wood Series Djembe, the perfect mid-range djembe for budding musicians and the education market!

The shaved goat skin drumhead is carefully selected to ensure optimal quality and tone, making it perfect for performances, jam sessions, and recordings.

The Jammer Wood Series Djembe also comes with additional rope for finer tuning, allowing you to create your own unique sound and adjust the pitch to match your desired level of intensity. This feature is especially useful for drummers who are just starting out and want to experiment with different sounds and rhythms.

Jammer Djembe

  • Jammer wood series Djembe

    • Mahogany wood: Legalized plantation wood

    • Non-stretch Alpine rope

    • Additional rope for finer tuning

    • Shaved goat skin for authentic sounds

    • Hand crafted by Master craft workers

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