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Finding Inspiration in Every Beat

About ToningDrum:

In 2003, Tony Webb and his partner Ningning attended the Edinburgh Music Festival, a vibrant event that celebrated music from around the world. Among the captivating performances they witnessed, one particular display of percussion from West Africa caught their attention and stirred their souls. The rhythm, energy, and raw power of the drummers left an indelible mark on Tony and Ningning.

Inspired by their transformative experience, Tony and Ningning returned to China, with a burning desire to share the joy of percussion and music with others. They envisioned creating a performance group that would not only entertain but also promotes team building, engages in interactive shows, and contributes to the arts.

To manifest their vision, Tony and Ningning established their own brand. They wanted to embody the essence of their passion for music and reflect their combined identities. Combining their names, Tony and Ning, they arrived at the name "TONING

Under the ToningDrum brand, Tony and Ningning embarked on a journey to manufacture high-quality drums that would resonate with musicians and enthusiasts alike. They gathered the finest drummers in China, inviting them to collaborate and contribute their expertise to the creation of exceptional instruments.


Tony, driven by his vision of establishing ToningDrum as a unique and recognizable brand, sought the expertise of three advertising companies to design the logo. Despite his belief in the power of creativity and granting the designers complete freedom, none of the presented designs met Tony's expectations. Undeterred, he couldn't settle for anything less than perfection.

Fuelled by passion and in search of inspiration, Tony took matters into his own hands. Dedicating himself to the task, he began to doodle, experimenting with shapes, symbols, and concepts that embodied the spirit of drumming. Days turned into nights as he relentlessly pursued his creative vision.

And then, within a week, it happened. Tony stumbled upon a design that resonated deeply with him. It was a revelation as if the logo had been waiting within him all along, ready to burst forth and encapsulate the essence of ToningDrum. This design struck the perfect balance between simplicity and symbolism, capturing the rhythmic energy and unity found in drumming.

The logo Tony discovered became more than just an emblem; it became the visual representation of ToningDrum's identity. It embodied the fusion of Tony's creative spirit and the essence of ToningDrum, leaving a powerful impression on anyone who encountered it.

With the newfound logo, Tony and Ningning embraced it as the embodiment of ToningDrum's values, it became the face of the brand, gracing its drums, promotional materials, and online presence. The logo became a beacon, inviting others to embark on a transformative journey through the rhythmic power of ToningDrum.

In 2004, armed with a team of talented drummers, Tony and Ningning embarked on a relentless journey of rehearsing and honing their skills. For six months, they dedicated themselves to perfecting their performances, tirelessly striving for excellence.

Their hard work paid off when they received their first major break at a prestigious Motor exhibition, representing a renowned global brand. The exhibition garnered significant attention, attracting coverage from all the major television companies. ToningDrum took the stage, captivating the audience with their electrifying performance. Instant success followed, and their reputation began to spread like wildfire.

From that point on, Tony and Ningning's ToningDrum became a household name in China. They traveled extensively throughout the country, gracing theaters and television screens, leaving a lasting impression wherever they went. Their unique blend of music, energy, and interactive performances resonated with audiences of all backgrounds.

Notable milestones marked their journey. They had the privilege of performing in the esteemed Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square, a venue that symbolizes the heart of China's political and cultural power. They were also honored to drum at the 2008 Olympics, contributing to the grand celebration of athleticism and unity.

One of their most cherished traditions was drumming in the New Year for China, a momentous occasion that they had the privilege of participating in for three consecutive years. Their rhythmic beats and infectious energy became synonymous with the festive spirit, making ToningDrum an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

Their performances were not limited to China alone. ToningDrum was sought after by major Chinese and international companies for team-building events. They brought their unique blend of music and unity to corporations, fostering camaraderie and a sense of togetherness among employees.

Through their unwavering dedication and remarkable performances, ToningDrum became a symbol of excellence, innovation, and the power of rhythm. Tony and Ningning's vision had come to fruition, and their brand had firmly established itself as a recognized force in the music and entertainment industry.

The journey of ToningDrum is a testament to the transformative power of passion, hard work, and the ability to captivate audiences with the universal language of music. With their drumbeats echoing through China and beyond, Tony and Ningning had left an indelible mark in the world of percussion and performance.


As we are aware, China has historically faced significant challenges regarding copyright issues, and even today, strict monitoring is in place. ToningDrum, a prominent brand, encountered immense problems during that time. Event companies would advertise ToningDrum performances using other groups, and drum companies shamelessly copied our brand's designs. The issue was severe and required immediate attention.

To address the situation, CCTV, the national television broadcaster in China, produced a program specifically focused on copyright issues. The program aimed to educate the Chinese population about the importance of copyright protection. As part of the program, ToningDrum had the opportunity to perform and speak about our experiences.

Despite our brand's established reputation, we continue to diligently monitor copyright infringement to this day. It remains crucial for us to protect our intellectual property and prevent unauthorized use or replication of our designs. We understand the significance of copyright protection and work actively to safeguard our brand's integrity.

In 2010, Toning Drum Percussion collaborated with the Shanghai Percussion Association, China's governing body for percussion, to produce the "African Drum Test Course." This course stands as China's only African drum test material and was published in October 2010 by the Shanghai Music Publishing House.

Two years later, in 2012, Toning Drum achieved a significant milestone when Tony, the founder of Toning Drum, was invited to the main office of LP in New York to meet with the owners and executives. At that time, LP was a subsidiary of Fender Musical Instruments, and the meeting included directors, lawyers, and the CEO, Joe Vasko.

During the meeting, a mutually beneficial deal was struck between Toning Drum and LP, marking a turning point in the company's history. This collaboration opened up new avenues for Toning Drum to expand its reach and further establish itself as a leading provider of Latin percussion instruments and education.

With LP's support, Toning Drum continued to nurture its partnership with the Shanghai Percussion Association. Together, they embarked on a joint venture to produce the groundbreaking "Latin Percussion Tutorial." This tutorial not only catered to the growing demand for Latin percussion education in China but also became the sole Latin percussion test class tutorial in the country, showcasing a comprehensive range of main Latin percussion instruments with detailed illustrations.

The tutorial held a unique distinction as the only music class-related book in its genre, solidifying Toning Drum's reputation as a pioneer in Latin percussion education. To raise awareness and promote the tutorial, Toning Drum organized and conducted extensive workshops across China, making stops at renowned music conservatories and universities. These workshops served as an opportunity to engage with aspiring musicians, share knowledge about Latin percussion, and foster a deeper appreciation for this vibrant musical genre.

Through the successful collaboration with LP and the Shanghai Percussion Association, Toning Drum continued to make significant strides in the field of Latin percussion education, cementing its position as a trusted authority in the industry. The partnership not only enabled Toning Drum to expand its educational offerings but also reinforced its commitment to promoting the rich heritage and cultural significance of Latin percussion worldwide.

In 2016, ToningDrum introduced "Rhythm for Well-being: Introducing the Drumming Health & Wellness Program for Chinese Communities and Seniors." This program aimed to promote the therapeutic benefits of drumming and its positive impact on the well-being of Chinese communities and seniors.


2018 | Taking their commitment to education further, ToningDrum launched "Revolutionizing Early Learning: We Launched Charlie's World Music Curriculum for Early Learners" in 2018. This curriculum was designed to provide young children with a rich musical experience through Charlie's World Music, enhancing their early learning journey.

2010 | Chapters | The Development of African and Latin Music in China


Section 1: ToningDrum's Vision

As ToningDrum continued to expand its influence in China's music scene, it recognized the need to diversify the repertoire of percussion instruments and styles. While China had a rich heritage of classical music, there was a lack of exposure to the vibrant rhythms and melodies of African and Latin music. ToningDrum saw an opportunity to introduce these genres to Chinese musicians and audiences, thereby enriching the country's musical landscape.


Section 2: Breaking Barriers

ToningDrum embarked on an ambitious journey to bring African and Latin music to China. Recognizing the importance of education, the company set out to develop the first-ever books on Latin and African music specifically tailored for the Chinese music curriculum. By doing so, they ensured that future generations of Chinese musicians would have access to these genres from an early stage of their musical education.


Section 3: World-Class Workshops

To further solidify the introduction of African and Latin music in China, ToningDrum took a bold step by inviting world-class musicians and teachers specializing in these genres to hold workshops in the country's top music conservatories. These workshops not only exposed Chinese musicians to new techniques and styles but also fostered cultural exchange and collaboration between the visiting musicians and local talent.


Section 4: Creating a Network

As interest in African and Latin music grew, ToningDrum recognized the need for a strong support system. The company began sponsoring the formation of percussion associations in every province and major city across China. These associations served as platforms for musicians, educators, and enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and promote the development of African and Latin percussion music in their respective regions.


Section 5: Product Innovation and Teacher Training

ToningDrum's commitment to the growth of African and Latin music in China reached new heights through a groundbreaking partnership with Latin Percussion LP USA, the leading brand in the world for Latin percussion instruments. This partnership went beyond simple collaboration and set a remarkable precedent by selecting a range of Latin Percussion LP products specifically tailored for the Chinese market and jointly branding them as ToningDrumLP.


ToningDrum and Latin Percussion LP USA carefully curated a collection of percussion instruments that perfectly captured the essence of Latin music. These instruments were meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the genres' unique rhythms, tonalities, and playing techniques. By combining Latin Percussion LP's expertise and ToningDrum's understanding of the Chinese market, the ToningDrumLP instruments were of the highest quality and authenticity, providing Chinese musicians with unparalleled tools for their performances and recordings.


The introduction of the ToningDrumLP brand marked a significant milestone, as it was the first time that Latin Percussion LP had partnered with a company to create a dual-branded product line for a specific market. This collaboration not only showcased the trust and recognition Latin Percussion LP had in ToningDrum's expertise but also highlighted the commitment of both companies to fostering the development of African and Latin music in China.

To ensure that Chinese musicians had the necessary guidance to fully utilize the ToningDrumLP instruments, ToningDrum organized comprehensive teacher training programs. Renowned musicians and educators, including experts from Latin Percussion LP, were invited to conduct masterclasses and workshops, sharing their expertise and techniques with Chinese teachers.


These training programs empowered Chinese teachers with in-depth knowledge of African and Latin percussion music, enabling them to effectively educate their students and promote the rich cultural heritage behind these genres. The fusion of international expertise and Chinese pedagogy created a powerful synergy that allowed for the authentic and nuanced transmission of African and Latin music traditions.

The ToningDrumLP partnership not only elevated the quality and availability of Latin percussion instruments in China but also fostered a deep appreciation for the cultural significance of these genres. The dual branding created a sense of pride and ownership among Chinese musicians, as they could now perform and showcase their talent with instruments bearing the ToningDrumLP logo—a symbol of excellence and dedication to African and Latin music.

By bringing together the world-renowned reputation of Latin Percussion LP and the local expertise and market insight of ToningDrum, the ToningDrumLP partnership set a new standard in the Chinese music industry. It demonstrated the potential for global collaboration and innovation, opening doors for future partnerships and further expanding the reach of African and Latin music in China.


Section 5 highlights how ToningDrum's partnership with Latin Percussion LP USA went beyond product development, focusing on a strategic dual branding initiative—ToningDrumLP—for the Chinese market. This collaboration not only brought high-quality instruments to Chinese musicians but also fostered a sense of pride and ownership. Furthermore, comprehensive teacher training ensured that the cultural heritage of African and Latin music was accurately conveyed and celebrated throughout China. The ToningDrumLP partnership served as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, firmly establishing ToningDrum as a driving force in promoting African and Latin music in China.

Section 6: Cultural Impact

The efforts of ToningDrum in promoting African and Latin music in China had a profound cultural impact. Audiences across the country were exposed to the infectious beats and captivating melodies of these genres, broadening their musical horizons. Collaborations between Chinese and international musicians became more common, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.



Through its visionary approach, ToningDrum played a pivotal role in introducing and popularizing African and Latin music in China. By developing educational resources, hosting workshops, sponsoring associations, and innovating new products, the company helped integrate these genres into the Chinese music curriculum and fostered a thriving community of musicians, educators, and enthusiasts. The legacy of ToningDrum's efforts continues to resonate, enriching the musical heritage of China for generations to come.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent three-year lockdown in China from 2020 to 2023, ToningDrum found a unique opportunity to reflect on how they could further support and empower artists, educators, and schools. Recognizing the potential for growth and innovation during these challenging times, ToningDrum took decisive action to build a comprehensive platform that revolutionized the recruitment and advertisement processes for artists, educators, and schools alike.


Recognizing the importance of supporting teachers and artists during the difficult times of the pandemic, ToningDrum devoted considerable thought to finding solutions. Tony and his team understood the vital role that teachers and artists play in the development of music education, and they aimed to create stable employment opportunities for them. By employing teachers prior to the pandemic and actively seeking ways to support them during the lockdown, ToningDrum showcased its commitment to the well-being of these professionals.


By leveraging their expertise and passion for music education, ToningDrum developed a powerful online platform that connects talented teachers and artists with individuals, institutions, and schools seeking their services. This groundbreaking platform serves as a hub for collaboration, where artists and educators can showcase their skills, share their experiences, and connect with a vast network of potential students, clients, and schools.


In addition to connecting individual artists and educators, ToningDrum also recognized the importance of facilitating recruitment for schools. Through their platform, schools can now access a pool of talented and qualified music teachers, making the process of hiring and recruiting educators more efficient and effective. ToningDrum's platform acts as a bridge between schools and educators, allowing them to connect, communicate, and establish mutually beneficial partnerships.


With their comprehensive online platform, ToningDrum enables talented individuals and schools from different countries to showcase their offerings, connect with students and clients, and collaborate on a global scale. This platform not only empowers artists, educators, and schools but also fosters a vibrant community where diverse cultural backgrounds come together to learn from one another and contribute to the growth and enrichment of music education on a global level.


Guided by Tony Webb's wealth of experience, passion for music, and entrepreneurial spirit, ToningDrum continues to adapt and evolve, leveraging its platform to empower individuals, educators, schools, artists, and the music education community at large.


As ToningDrum forges ahead, they remain steadfast in its mission to promote the universal language of music, create opportunities, and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals, the music industry, and communities across the globe. Through their dedication and commitment, ToningDrum has become a catalyst for bridging gaps and uniting artists, educators, and schools.

Worldwide Distributors

"We are seeking worldwide distributors for our high-quality drums and percussion instruments, as well as resources for our comprehensive online platform that connects musicians, talented teachers, artists, and Education institutions. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or partnering with us, please visit our distributor's page [] for more information."

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"The Toning Drum brand was established in 2003 and has since been a significant driving force in introducing Djembe and African percussion to China."

Charlie's Design Team

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Early Years Music Education Team

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Education Team

The team is composed of graduate school alumni and early childhood specialists who possess proven expertise in early education, music, and diversity.

Tony Webb



Over 20 years in China

Ning Ning


Co-founder ToningDrum

Classical Musician 

More than 30 years of experience in the education industry

Gang Liu


Professor of Percussion, 

Central Conservatory of Music  

Zhu Yanhong


Education consultant / Principal 

More than 30 years of early childhood education experience


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