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Finding Inspiration in Every Beat

The ToningDrum Journey: A Symphony of Passion and Innovation

In 2003, a transformative experience at the Edinburgh Music Festival ignited the vision of Tony Webb and his partner, Ningning. Witnessing a mesmerizing West African percussion performance, the rhythmic energy left an indelible mark, inspiring them to share the joy of percussion and music.

Returning to China, they embarked on creating ToningDrum, a brand embodying their passion. Merging their names, Tony and Ning, the name "TONING" encapsulated their commitment to tonal excellence and rhythmic innovation.


Crafting a Sonic Identity: The Birth of ToningDrum's Logo

Driven for perfection, Tony sought a logo that echoed ToningDrum's essence. Rejecting designs from three agencies, he took matters into his own hands. Days turned into nights until, in a burst of inspiration, the perfect logo emerged – a symbol of rhythmic energy and unity. This logo becoming ToningDrum's identity. It adorned drums, materials, and online platforms, inviting others to join the transformative journey through the power of ToningDrum.

Elevating Performances: From Local Success to Global Recognition

In 2004, armed with a talented team, ToningDrum dedicated six months to perfecting performances. The breakthrough came at a prestigious Motor exhibition, marking the beginning of their ascent. Performances across China, including the Great Hall of the People and the 2008 Olympics, solidified ToningDrum as a household name.

Their rhythmic beats became synonymous with Chinese New Year celebrations, showcasing the fusion of music, energy, and cultural pride. Beyond China's borders, ToningDrum's unique blend of music found a place in corporate team-building events, fostering unity and camaraderie.

Navigating Copyright Challenges: Protecting the Beat

Despite the acclaim, ToningDrum faced copyright challenges in China's landscape. The company took a stand, participating in a national program on CCTV to address copyright issues. Today, vigilant monitoring ensures the protection of ToningDrum's intellectual property.

A Pioneering Partnership: ToningDrumLP

In 2012, a groundbreaking collaboration with Latin Percussion LP USA marked a turning point. The creation of the ToningDrumLP brand showcased a dual-branded product line, a first for Latin Percussion LP. This partnership not only enhanced the quality of Latin percussion instruments in China but also elevated ToningDrum's status as a pioneer in Latin percussion education.

Cultural Enrichment: Introducing African and Latin Music to China

ToningDrum recognized a gap in China's musical landscape – a lack of exposure to African and Latin music. Initiatives included developing educational resources, hosting workshops, and sponsoring percussion associations. The ToningDrumLP partnership further enriched China's musical heritage, fostering cultural appreciation and collaboration.

Innovation Amidst Adversity: ToningDrum's Response to the Pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a three-year lockdown in China, ToningDrum seized an opportunity for innovation. Recognizing the challenges faced by artists and educators, they created a comprehensive online platform connecting talent with those seeking their services. This platform not only supports individual artists but also streamlines recruitment for schools, fostering global collaboration.

Global Reach: ToningDrum's Call for Worldwide Distributors

As ToningDrum forges ahead, they seek worldwide distributors for their high-quality drums, percussion instruments, and the comprehensive online platform. Interested parties are invited to explore opportunities on their distributor's page.


Conclusion: The Symphony Continues

Guided by Tony Webb's passion and entrepreneurial spirit, ToningDrum remains dedicated to promoting the universal language of music. Their journey, from local success to global recognition, stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and the enduring impact of music on individuals and communities.

Contact ToningDrum: For inquiries on Interactive Performance, Team Building, Health and Wellness, Charlie's Music and Art Curriculum, Percussion Workshops, and Teacher Training, please visit Contact Us or leave a message.

Become a Distributor: Explore opportunities to become a distributor or partner with ToningDrum at Distributors Required Worldwide.

Thank you for joining us on the ToningDrum journey – where every beat creates a lasting legacy of passion, innovation, and the joy of music-making.

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"The Toning Drum brand was established in 2003 and has since been a significant driving force in introducing Djembe and African percussion to China."

Design Team

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team 4.jpg

Education Team

The team is composed of graduate school alumni and early childhood specialists who possess proven expertise in early education, music, and diversity.

Tony Webb



Over 20 years in China

Ning Ning


Co-founder ToningDrum

Classical Musician 

More than 30 years of experience in the education industry

Gang Liu


Professor of Percussion, 

Central Conservatory of Music  

Zhu Yanhong


Education consultant / Principal 

More than 30 years of early childhood education experience


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