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Children absolutely love playing on this hand drum set! The colorful drums are eye-catching and fun, and the synthetic material makes them easy to clean and maintain. Whether they are just learning to keep a beat or are more advanced, kids of all ages will have a blast with this set.

The 14" Gathering drum is perfect for group play and provides a deep, resonant sound that is sure to get everyone moving. The 10" Tomtom drum is great for more individual play, and its size is perfect for smaller hands. The 6" Frame drum is perfect for exploring rhythm and texture with the included beater sticks, and its compact size makes it easy to take on the go.

Children love to experiment with different rhythms and sounds, and this drum set allows them to do just that. Whether they're playing together or on their own, the drums provide endless opportunities for creative expression and musical exploration. And when they're done playing, the synthetic material makes clean-up a breeze.

Overall, this children's hand drum set is a fantastic investment for any family with young, music-loving kids. It provides hours of entertainment and education, while also encouraging creativity and self-expression. Get ready to see your children's faces light up with joy as they play and create music on this wonderful drum set!



Kids Drum Set3 YS

  • Gathering drum 14"

    Tomtom 10"

    Frame drum 6"

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