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Wang Xue Zhang (Ning)

Guqin Master and Mentor


About Ning

Early Beginnings and Education From the tender age of three, Wang Xue Zhang (Ning) immersed herself in the world of music. Her journey led her to the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where she honed her musical prowess under the esteemed guidance of Mr. Lin Youren. Continuing her quest for mastery, Ning further refined her skills in guqin at the Central Conservatory of Music, studying under the tutelage of the renowned Mr. Li Xiangting.

International Presence Ning's artistry has transcended borders, as she embarked on a captivating tour across over a dozen European countries as part of the Chinese art troupe. In this role, she not only showcased her exceptional talent but also served as a cultural ambassador, representing the rich musical heritage of China.

Performance Highlights Ning's virtuosity has graced some of the most prestigious stages in China. Her participation in the New Year Concerts with the Central National Music Orchestra's Chinese Elegant Music Group, held at the Beijing Concert Hall and the Central National Music Orchestra Hall, stands as a testament to her musical brilliance. These performances have left an indelible mark, enchanting audiences with the profound beauty of guqin.

Guqin Master and Mentor Beyond her captivating performances, Ning is a dedicated Guqin master. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, she offers guqin lessons to aspiring musicians. Whether conducted in the comfort of her home in Beijing or through travel arrangements, Ning is committed to nurturing the next generation of guqin enthusiasts.

Join Wang Xue Zhang (Ning) on a melodic journey, where tradition meets innovation, and experience the timeless allure of guqin through her captivating performances and enriching lessons.

YunJu Temple: A Spiritual Haven for Learning Nestled within the sacred walls of YunJu Temple, these regular guqin lessons become a sacred journey of musical discovery. The Abbot, in his spiritual duties, embraces the meditative artistry of the guqin, further enriching the temple's cultural tapestry.

Dongyu Temple: Cultural Exchange in Motion The collaboration between Ning and the Shaolin Kung Fu Master serves as a symbolic bridge between two iconic Chinese art forms. It symbolizes the unity of body and spirit, martial discipline, and musical finesse, creating an unparalleled experience that celebrates the richness of Chinese cultural heritage.

For inquiries concerning lessons and mentorship opportunities with Ning that delve into the rich tapestry of Chinese musical culture, kindly make use of the provided email or click on the chat button for comprehensive details and arrangements. Embrace the unique chance to elevate your musical proficiency under the formal and culturally enriched guidance of a distinguished Guqin master.

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