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Design Concrete
Ceramic Bowls

(03) Days Fishing

Price: $4,450 USD

Size: 110*110cm

Materials: Oils

Original: Signed by the artist

Shipped from China 

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For my Security please send an email using the reference number listed with your contact details:  Thank you for your understanding.

UK/Dave/ 0003

Days fishing

In Image 03, a tropical forest meets the sea, casting a green reflection upon the water. Boats depart the bay for a day of fishing, as billowing clouds obscure the morning sun.


David S McDermont, a talented artist hailing from the UK, has gained recognition for his surrealistic artwork showcased in international exhibitions and festivals across various countries such as Italy, New York, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Notably, one of his esteemed patrons was the legendary Muhammed Ali.

With a passion for teaching, McDermont has dedicated decades to art education in both the US and the UK. Additionally, he shares his knowledge of music and guitar. Remarkably, McDermont embarked on his artistic journey at the tender age of three, demonstrating an early talent and affinity for painting.

McDermont's artwork is not intended for sensationalism; instead, it serves as an authentic expression of his unique perception of the world. Currently, he resides in Beijing, China, where he continues to create and inspire with his artistic endeavors.

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