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Tony Webb Founder & CEO, hails from the UK and arrived in China April 2000

About Tony

Tony Webb is a highly accomplished business leader who has made significant contributions to the percussion industry in China. He arrived in China in April 2000 and has since established himself as a successful entrepreneur and respected figure in the music education sector.

In 2003, Tony founded Toning Drum Circle Ltd, an international company for ToningDrum branded products. In 2004, he founded Toning (Beijing) Culture Development Co., Ltd., where he serves as the CEO. Through this company, Tony designed and developed percussion products specifically for the Chinese market. He also established the ToningDrum Interactive performance group, which has traveled extensively throughout China, appearing on TV, in theaters, and at the 2008 Olympics.
Tony is also an accomplished author and has published two books: "10 Steps to African Percussion," endorsed by Mamady Keïta in 2010, and "10 Steps to Latin Percussion" in 2012. These books are used within the China National Music Curriculum, and Tony has partnered with LP Latin Percussion for dual branding of the LP brand.
Tony has also sent invitations to hold workshops from renowned musicians such as Raul Rekow Carl Perazzo, Ron Powell, Giovanni Hildago, Steve Thornton, Ed Uribe, and Michael Taylor. These workshops were held at music conservatories and training centers throughout China, where Tony has helped train and inspire countless young musicians.
In 2018, Tony founded Charlie Global (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd., where he serves as the CEO. The company is focused on the development of an early-learning music curriculum for the global market. Tony has also authored a children's book, "Charlie's Musical Adventures," which was published in 2018.
Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Tony has remained active in the music industry and continues to make a positive impact. With his wealth of experience, passion for music, and entrepreneurial spirit, Tony Webb is a true leader and inspiration to many.


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