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A Comprehensive Guide to 25 African Djembe Rhythms
with Audio Tracks
(Bilingual Edition - English & Chinese)

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ToningDrum: Mastering Traditional 25 West African Rhythms on Djembe, Dunun Drums, and Bells (Bilingual Edition - English & Chinese)


Music files recorded by Michael Taylor


Unlock the vibrant world of traditional African rhythms with the ToningDrum Djembe book—an invaluable resource for those eager to learn the art of playing the Djembe and exploring the rich musical traditions of West Africa. This comprehensive guide not only delves into proper playing techniques but also provides insight into the history and culture surrounding the Djembe.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Djembe Instruction: The ToningDrum Djembe book offers detailed instructions on proper playing techniques for the Djembe. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, this resource is tailored to help you master the rhythmic nuances of this iconic West African drum.

  • Historical and Cultural Insight: Gain a deeper appreciation for the Djembe by exploring its history and cultural significance. The book provides a rich introduction that contextualizes the instrument within the broader musical traditions of West Africa.

  • Wide Range of African Rhythms: Explore a diverse array of traditional African rhythms with score sheets and practice scores for each one. This extensive collection allows you to learn and refine your skills, catering to musicians at every level.

  • Illustrated Learning: Clear illustrations and explanations guide you through the intricacies of each rhythm, making it easy to follow along and learn at your own pace. Whether you're aiming for personal enjoyment or ensemble performance, the ToningDrum Djembe book is your companion on this musical journey.

  • Dunun Drums Instruction: Expand your expertise with instruction on playing traditional rhythms on the Dunun drums—a set of three cylindrical drums integral to many West African musical traditions. Learn proper playing techniques, delve into the drums' role in African music, and explore a variety of traditional Dunun rhythms.

  • Bells Instruction: Discover the role of bells in West African music and learn how to play them alongside the Djembe and Dunun drums. The steady, rhythmic pulse of the bells contributes to driving the music forward, creating an immersive and authentic experience.

  • 188 Audio Files on the Website: Enhance your learning experience with a vast collection of 188 audio files, conveniently accessible on our website. Immerse yourself in the authentic sounds of Djembe, Dunun drums, and bells, allowing you to practice, learn, and refine your skills with real-life examples.

Whether you're a novice seeking to explore the Djembe or an experienced musician looking to deepen your understanding of traditional West African rhythms, the ToningDrum book is your comprehensive guide. With detailed instructions, historical context, a diverse range of rhythms, and a rich audio library, this resource empowers you to develop your skills and immerse yourself in the rich musical tapestry of West Africa. Let the ToningDrum book be your key to becoming a skilled and passionate player in the world of traditional African percussion. 

Grow Your Vision

Discover Your Djembe Groove with ToningDrum: Let the Beat Unfold!

Hey there! At ToningDrum, we're all about the magic of drumming education. Now, we didn't whip up specific instructional videos for the Djembe book because costs were a bit of a buzzkill. But guess what? We've got something just as awesome – a treasure trove of resources that'll supercharge your learning journey.

What's in Store at ToningDrum:

Our Djembe book and materials are like your trusty sidekick on this rhythmic adventure. From the basics to those lightbulb moments, we've designed these resources to help you vibe with African Djembe percussion.

Ever miss that classroom vibe? Us too. That's why our materials are crafted to feel like you've got an instructor right there with you, whether you're just starting or you've got some serious drumming mileage.

Guess What? No Videos, No Biggie:

So, we didn't dive into making fancy videos. Money talks, right? But hold up, because we're stoked to show you a load of other cool stuff.

Dive into Djembe Goodness on YouTube:

Jump into a world curated by drumming enthusiasts on platforms like YouTube. These aren't your average tutorials – they're like gateways to the heart and soul of African Djembe percussion and music.

Make learning a blast by soaking up all the good vibes. Each tutorial and performance is like a puzzle piece, fitting into this rich, fulfilling experience where you can finesse your skills and get cozy with the awesome world of Djembe.

Why ToningDrum? Because Your Rhythm is Gold!

Come hang out at ToningDrum, where every beat is an invitation to an epic rhythmic adventure. Let's uncover that hidden beat, learn from some super passionate folks, and let the spirit of Djembe music turn your drumming into pure magic.

ToningDrum - Where Your Djembe Rhythm Gets a Serious Upgrade! 

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